About Ansen
About Ansen



Ansen Quartz is a leading professional manufacturer of frequency control devices for the electronic industry
worldwide. From through-hole series to miniature SMD series, Ansen provides comprehensive line of high quality
frequency control devices in various industries.

Ansen has applied the top tier technology in the innovation of crystal oscillator performance, precision and
reliability to keep it in the forefront of leading edge crystal and oscillator technologies. Over the years, with the
sensitivity to the environment change, the innovation and capability provided by Ansen reflects the market trends towards higher frequencies, miniaturization, as well as tighter stability that are capable of operating under the
extreme conditions.

All production, calibration and test facilities are completely automated. With advanced manufacturing facilities
incorporating state-of-the-art equipment operating under atmospherically controlled clean room, Ansen is able to
assure that each device meets or exceeds customer expectations. 

Being a customer oriented company, Ansen offers its services for the global market from the view point of
customers and pursues 100% customer satisfaction. Sales distributors are located worldwide to offer in-depth
support to customers from design-in to mass production. What make Ansen a reliable partner is its flexibility,
commitment and proven performance to all the customers.